HOA Document Descriptions

Find out the details included in an HOA Estoppel/Status Letter and the CIC Documents.

HOA Estoppel / Status Letter

These are generated directly from the HOA Board or management company. In our process, we recommend ordering this about three weeks before closing to ensure the best accuracy. Status letters can take up to two weeks to receive. Typically these include:

  • Payment Status
  • Working/Reserve Balance
  • Transfer Fee(s)
  • Dues amount and schedule
  • HOA Contacts

CIC Documents

This set of documents includes current and historical information about the HOA, from formation to current state. This set typically includes the following:

  • HOA By Laws

  • Annual, Board, and/or Special Meeting Minutes

  • Budget
  • Convenants

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Lien Searches

  • HOA Ledger

  • Rules

  • Property Information

  • Association Contact

  • Financials