Tax Certificate Return Times

Times vary by state and county. The Return Times report shows the live updated average time to get certificates back from every county.

At COCRS, we strive to return tax certificates as quickly as we can. We continually work on our internal processes and with the counties directly to improve return times. We can't guarantee delivery times for any specific certificate as some many be restricted or require additional research.

KB Image - Menu - Useful Information - Return TimesHowever, if you're waiting for a certificate, you can check the Return Times report to see the average time for that county to return a certificate.

In the sample below, you can see Denver County averages about 3 days where Archuleta County is less than 30 minutes. The annual average includes total time, including weekends, holidays, county closures, etc. We update this average every week to provide the most update-to-date information.

The report continues on for other states and counties.

We also track individual responses at a collector level internally to know which may need to be rushed to meet deadlines. For some, mainly those in Pennsylvania and New York, the return times include mailing times (and delays).

If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us through the Get Support Form link.