Property Tax Product Descriptions

At COCRS, we specialize in property tax information. That's all we do. However, different states and markets change the names, details and formats of the information.

Many of the products we provide have very similar information. They come by various names, with different formatting, but fall into two categories: Insured Tax Certificates and Reports.

Insured Tax Certificates

Insured tax certificates are the primary product we provide. These products document the property taxes associated with a property and the paid status or balance due.

Depending on the state, the order options for the insured product type may be known as:


Certain Colorado counties have granted COCRS an Authorized Agent status, which allows us to obtain and maintain tax records to issue legally-binding Certificates of Taxes Due, as defined by state statues.

County CTD

Some areas require the county to issue tax certificates directly. These certificates are requested from and obtained from the county. Some of these can be obtained within minutes while others take the county offices hours or days to generate.

Validated Tax Certificate, Validated Tax Statement, Validated Tax Update

These Validated Statements contain information obtained from the county treasurer and/or designated tax collector(s). We summarize the gathered information on a standardized form for consistency and familiarity. For Pennsylvania statements, emails provide the collector originals for additional detail and ancillary information.