Reasons for Cancellations

We do our best not to cancel tickets, but here are some reasons why we might.


When we can't find matches for requests, we'll do what we can to find the correct parcel, but sometimes we can't and need to cancel the request. New requests must be placed with corrected information to get processed. If we can find some details that will help, we'll provide those details to our clients.

Pending Requests

If the request is in the pending state, we haven't processed it or sent the request to the county. These can be canceled and confirmed immediately.

Ordered Requests

Requests that have been sent to the county for processing, we can't guarantee they'll be canceled. We'll reach out to the counties to intervene before the issue the certificate. Most of the time, once the county issues the certificate, they won't refund the fees.

Cancellation Reasons

When we cancel requests, we try to let our clients know why it was cancelled. Below are details of the reasons we indicate.

Duplicate Request

When we discover duplicate requests, we'll cancel them to prevent unnecessary charges and fees for our clients. 

User Requested

In some cases, clients will request cancellations. We'll start the process of cancelling and mark it as User Requested.

Incorrect County

If our Agents discover that a request was placed in the wrong county, we'll cancel it and try to let the county know if we've discovered the correct county.

Incomplete Details

If there aren't enough details to find a specific property, we'll cancel it for Incomplete Details.

Inactive Parcel/Account

When the parcel or account is no longer active, due to bein split or combined with other parcels, or just deactivated, we'll cancel as Inactive. If our Agents learn of the parent, child, or sibling parcels, we'll let our clients know so they can order the ones they need.

Inactive HOA

If a parcel is not part of a Home Owners' Association, we'll cancel the request as Inactive HOA. 

Demo Request

These cancellations are a results of training and/or sales demos.

Confirming Cancellations

Cancellations that must go to the counties show on the Requests to Cancel page. The cancellation shows and pending until we either receive confirmation from the county or enough time has passed and we don't receive.