Restricted Certificates

Various counties and states around the country have varying levels of privacy. Those levels and restrictions consistently change as governing entities pass, amend, and enforce laws.

Privacy and Redacted Records

While privacy and redaction rules and laws consistently change, we do our best to obtain all information that is publicly available or permitted to title companies and related entities. We've been involved in the Legislative Committees within Land Title Associations of different states.

Currently, the Colorado legislature is working through significant revisions of the privacy and redaction laws. Through the Legislative Committee of the Land Title Association of Colorado, we've worked to include access to unredacted records.

Many other states have various bills or statues to prevent private information from becoming public. Most focus on the safety of Protected Persons, which include police officers, government officials, victims of abuse, and others.

There's a fine balance between protecting individuals and protecting clear property ownership rights. We believe in both and the fair balance between the two.

Providing Restricted Certificates

While there may be some delay, in most cases we can get the information within a day or two. We've worked with the providers and follow their processes. Most of the time, our clients don't know there's a restriction and only notice a slight delay. Occasionally, we may require additional information or written permission from the Protected Person(s) involved.

In the cases we need you assistance, we'll contact you for the necessary information or permission.