Tax Certificate Updates

Some tax certificates can be updated at a reduced fee. It all depends on the relevant county treasurers and tax collectors.

When are Update available?

The specifics about getting tax certificate updates vary widely, mostly based around the policies of the county treasurers and tax collectors. Some provide free updates if requested within certain time frames, others do not.

In Pennsylvania and New York, COCRS will process updates to Validated Tax Certificates if the update request is placed withing 120 days. We charge a lower update fee and will obtain new certifications from the various collectors as needed, passing on the fees at cost.

In most other states, including Colorado and Utah, the county treasurers won't provide free updates, so new requests must be placed as new requests.

How to place Update Requests

The best way to place an Update Request, simply go to one of the history reports, User Requests report or Company Requests report, and look for the Status column. If the certificate has been issued already and is eligible, the Request Updated Certificate button will be below the status. Simply click the button and an update certificate will be processed.