Why do the owner names not match?

Owner names are provided by the treasurer's departments. In most cases, the assessor or appraisal department only sends updates to the treasurer department once per year, when values are updated.

We obtain our data, including property addresses, legal descriptions, owner names, and the identification numbers from the treasurer or similar departments. The level of detail varies, as does the lag behind value and ownership changes.

While we update data as quickly as we can, the reliance on the sources does cause some confusion. With our various sources, we sometimes pick up new information before the treasurer releases it, sometimes we only show the latest information the treasurer has.

Regardless of what our system shows, we validate the information as we process each request to ensure the current information for the tax certificate.

In short, even if the owner name doesn't match, as long as the address and identification numbers match, we'll be able to get the most current information.